Easy Contacts Backup & Restore – Export Contacts v1.0 – Easy Contacts application for Android contacts
The original and complete version of the program presented to you Dear users

One of the biggest concerns of users when buying a new Android device is transferring contacts to the purchased device. So far, there are several ways to solve such a problem, all of which have their major drawbacks! Therefore, in this post, we want to introduce you to a new and wonderful solution in the field of backup contacts. Easy Contacts Backup & Restore – Export ContactsIs an easy-to-use backup app for Android devices, developed by Futuretech Apps and published on Google Play. This software helps you to easily make a backup copy of all your contacts at any time and restore it with just one touch. Just touch the screen once and never worry about transferring your contacts. You have access to a complete history of all backups at any time, and you can share them with your friends at a glance. There are several ways to share contacts with each of you, the most popular of which is the use of Bluetooth or email.

Some features and capabilities of Easy Contacts Backup & Restore – Export Contacts Android app:

  • Back up all your contacts
  • Restore backups with just one hint
  • Ability to view a list of all backups
  • Share backups with your friends in a variety of ways
  • Ability to set specific settings on available options
  • Delete old backups with just one touch
  • Very simple and easy user interface

App Easy Contacts Backup & Restore – Export Contacts to benefit from various features and functionality by its developer for free on Google Play has been released. Note that no program ever downloaded and perceptions of the website Usroid among the first users will be.

Version v1.0 changes:

* Release the first version of the app on Google Play


Easy Contacts Backup & Restore - Export Contacts