Easy Uninstaller – Remove Apps v1.6 [ad-free] – Quick and easy application for removing Android applications, ad-free
and complete version for the first time in Iran

To meet their needs, all users install various programs and tools, each of which has a specific task. Usually, some of the available software is low performance and only occupies the storage memory, removing them helps the smartphone to perform better. Easy Uninstaller – Remove AppsTitle is a unique application for quick and easy removal of Android applications, published by Neno Tech. This software helps you to quickly delete any of your favorite programs with a single touch, taking advantage of various features. Deleting programs is done radically and tries not to leave any extra files after deleting them. No need to search the list of available applications anymore, and the search box allows you to have unlimited access to an option for quick deletion by simply entering the name of the program in addition to its full specifications. Perhaps among the top features of this startup is the removal of a category that alone provides a new experience for its users.

Some features and capabilities of Easy Uninstaller – Remove Apps Android app:

  • Ability to delete your favorite software with just one hint
  • Very high speed in displaying the list of applications
  • View the full profile of existing startups with different criteria for organizing them
  • Total deletion with the ability to identify additional and leftover files
  • Multiple delete mode to avoid wasting time
  • Search bar to find software as easily as possible

Application Easy Uninstaller – Remove Apps to enjoy the place and its diverse capabilities has been able to attract the attention of thousands of people who can now have the most recent version without ads from the server for high-speed Web Usroid receive; This program, as mentioned, has been introduced to you for the first time in Iran, as always.

Version v1.6 changes:

* Added privacy policies


Easy Uninstaller – Remove Apps