Easy Unit Converter v1.2 [ads-free] – A simple unit conversion application for Android, a
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Everything has a specific unit of measurement that helps people set their own criteria for meeting their needs. In order to convert different units to each other, sometimes it is necessary to perform special calculations through formulas, which can be considered very time consuming; Therefore, considering this issue, using unit conversion tools in these situations are among the best solutions. Easy Unit ConverterTitle is a simple unit conversion application developed by SR International for Android and published on Google Play. The above software, with its special capabilities, meets all the needs of its users in the shortest possible time. One of the most famous features of this startup is the system of converting different currencies to each other. Unit conversion tools are included in various categories so that the user can meet his unit conversion needs without any waste. In addition, it is better to know that the software speed is high and displays the results in a fraction of a second.

Some features and capabilities of Easy Unit Converter Android application:

  • Access a set of unit conversion tools in a simple and easy environment
  • Fantastic feature to convert exchange rates to each other
  • Receive up-to-date currency information via the Internet with minimal delay
  • Very high speed in performing calculations and displaying conversions
  • Supports various parameters
  • Categorize all options into various groups
  • Quick access to unit conversion tools
  • Simple and easy user interface

App Easy Unit Converter With the possibility of a few hundred unit conversion at any time been able to thousands downloads rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by users, Google received that can now have the most recent version without ads and complete it from the database giant’s website Usroid Receive; This program is introduced at your request dear ones.

Version v1.2 changes:

* Added privacy policies


Easy Unit Converter