Considering the legal requirement regarding the electronicization of correspondence in the legal system of the country and the electronicization of judicial notification; The judiciary has set up a system called the “Sana system” through which individuals can access information about their cases in the courts, and through this system all judicial documents are communicated electronically; Android judicial notification software “Edalate-e Hamrah” allows you to easily and simply click on the system to register and then in a simple environment without ads and as easily as possible to file Get access to your legal products and you no longer need to go to court or internet cafe to find them! Sana system, which is available to the public at, provides you with all its facilities in the form of categories, which include information for individuals, information for lawyers, information with a password, Titles of charges / demands that can be made, searching the list of service offices, judicial advertisements; Submitting and following up the petition, submitting and following up the complaint, submitting and following up the statement, submitting and following up on the amnesty request, submitting and following up the bill, calculating the court costs, calculating the cost of providing electronic judicial services; Bar Association / Information Registration; Expert Center / Information Registration; Counselors Affairs Center / Lawyers Information Registration; Advisors Affairs Center / Expert Information Registration; Bar Association / Inquiry; Counselors Affairs Center / Lawyers Inquiry; New system of judicial service offices and…; By installing the “Mobile Justice” application on your Android device, you will have access to all these features in an integrated environment, and you can easily manage your account and follow up on your legal cases.




The Edalate-e Hamrah application has been offered by the judiciary for Android devices and is also available for download on the Sana system. Get it from the site’s high-speed servers with one click. Finally, the program has been tested by us and has been installed and run without any problems.