Edge Gestures v1.10.4 – Shortcut app and quick access to Android apps
Purchased version for $ 1.49

Android smart devices, depending on their hardware and Android version, have special capabilities and abilities, some of which are very attractive and efficient. One of the best features in Android smartphones is their support for quick access to other applications or settings, so that with special modes of touching the screen or in other words with different gestures, you will be able to quickly access the software. Access or manage settings or settings easily. Edge Gestures is a great and professional program for quick access to various parts of Android devices, By special touch screen modes produced and published by ChYK, the dev. This powerful software allows its users to quickly access anything using various gestures. After installing the device screen, it is divided into three parts, for which different gestures can be defined and selected! For example, by long touching the left side of the screen you can access Google Chrome and by long touching the right side of the screen you can access the date and time settings!


Edge Gestures Android


There are various modes for gestures in Edge Gestures , including double-tapping the screen, dragging the screen up, dragging the screen down, and so on. In addition to the different parts of the screen, the three buttons at the bottom of the screen can also be programmed, and if you need, you will be able to turn them into unique shortcuts. In addition, you should know that this powerful application does not require root access and runs easily on Android 4.4 and above. Edge Gestures application, due to its importance for quick access to various parts of the device, has been able to receive a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by users in the Play Store. Now you can access the purchased version for $ 1.49 on Usroid site . And download it with one click.