Edge Launcher Pro v2.2.7 Patched – low-volume and high-speed launcher for Android!
Purchased version worth $ 1.99

Edge Launcher Pro is the title of one of the smallest, best and best launchers released for the Android operating system by Reactiv Studios, which has aroused the admiration of all technology magazines after only a few days! Released in the Play Store for $ 1.99, this smart launcher gives you a new experience in controlling your smartphone with its unique capabilities and features. After installing the launcher, you can quickly access anything and run it as you wish. Unlike other existing Edge Launcher launchersNot only does it not slow down your smartphone, but in addition to storing the battery in understandable cases, it increases its speed many times over. This application is based on quick access to application icons or settings so that there are more than 14 different options for quick access to settings. You can change the size of the application icons to your liking and arrange them in several different rows so that you can run them in the shortest possible time. In the end, it should be said that it is better to forget about large-scale programs for creating shortcuts and by installing this launcher, you can create a huge change in the implementation of shortcuts on your screen!

Some features and capabilities of Android Edge Launcher Pro Launcher:

  • Choose from over 14 different quick access options
  • View the last ten programs you have used
  • Select favorite apps and place their shortcuts on the screen
  • Open with one touch from the left and right edges of the screen
  • Ability to change and edit colors

Settings that you can quickly access:

  • Turn Wi-Fi on or off, Bluetooth, auto-rotate screen
  • Turn on and off display information on the screen (Android KitKat only and before)
  • Turn the flash on or off
  • Quick change of silence mode, vibration and ringtone
  • Access location and NFC settings
  • Quick access to navigation keys
  • Build different drawers to access applications

The small launcher Edge Launcher Pro has been able to receive a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 for $ 1.99 by the users market in the Play Store, and in this post, as always, Usroid has provided the purchased version to you, dear users!

Changes in version v2.2.7:

* Fixed launcher bugs


Edge Launcher Pro