Egg Inc is a new and popular game in the style of recreational games, simulation and management from Auxbrain Inc studio for Android in which you have to play the role of a poultry farmer! It is said that in the near future the secrets of the creation world will come out of an egg, but you have nothing to do with these things and your ultimate goal in poultry farming is to get the highest profit by selling any number of eggs! To set up a poultry farm, you must first build large rooms for keeping chickens, then you can hire a driver for your poultry transport and even build a research center inside your poultry farm and turn it into one. Make one of the most advanced poultry farms in the world! Incubation and production of more chickens should also be on your work plan! The style of this game is basically a fun cliché (a style in which you have to constantly touch the screen); However, there are many elements of simulation and management games that make the gameplay different from other games Clichér’s entertainment is very different, the gameplay is unique in its kind!

Some features of the Egg Inc simulation game for Android:

  • Simple yet interesting gameplay with various challenges
  • Do various scientific research to improve and improve your poultry farming
  • Dozens of trucks and poultry farms with different designs
  • Beautiful user interface design with dozens of different steps
  • It has a table of the highest scores and various achievements
  • Very beautiful three-dimensional graphics in Charkhaneh style and considering the shadows

In the game  Egg Inc instead of the menu and its options, you will use colorful 3D graphics to specify your choices. Seeing all the chickens that go this way and that way can also remind you of the real feeling of being a hen! Investing in this game is very important and you need to know exactly where to invest, a good investment along with a balanced management of your resources can help you succeed and increase your poultry yield! This game can be interesting both for those who play recreation from time to time and for those who have more experience in clinker recreational games. For the first group, the beautiful environment of the game, trying all the options and the gradual expansion of poultry farming will be interesting, while for the second group, the gameplay will be different, its variability during the game and the attractiveness and depth that the game will gain in this regard. Will pay attention! Usroid , we have put the latest version with download mode!

Note: The mode of this game is increasing, instead of decreasing!


Download Egg Inc - a popular Android Mode poultry simulation game