Ekstar Voice Recorder v3.0 – a full-featured voice recording application for Android , fully purchased version for
$ 4.49.

The increasing development of Android devices eliminates the needs of users for other devices and provides any kind of features to anyone in a single multi-megabyte app. In the not-so-distant past, a set of devices was needed to record sound so that low-quality sound could be stored in the end. Today, such devices have given way to advanced Android software. Extra Voice RecorderIs the title of an Android application with full recording capabilities, which was developed by Ekstar Company and published on Google Play. By providing a simple environment and a set of various capabilities, this software allows you to start recording sounds at any time and place, such as classrooms, meetings, conferences, and و play them at other times. do. Unlike other similar tools, the recording quality by this startup is very high and the user has two recording modes with internal and external microphone. You can stop the recording process at any time and start it after a few minutes without any problems. Audio spectra of sound are analyzed live and you will have access to all sounds after recording.

Some features and capabilities of Ekstar Voice Recorder Android application:

  • Ultra high quality audio recording
  • Save recorded audio in mp3 format
  • Continue to record audio in the background of the app
  • Microphone calibration
  • Select internal or external microphone
  • Play, pause or pause audio files
  • Pause while recording and continue at another time
  • Share audio files
  • Upload files to cloud servers

Ekstar Voice Recorder application with various features and capabilities has been published by its developer for $ 4.49 on Google Play, and now you can buy the latest version of it without any restrictions from the popular and popular website. Download Usroid . This app is introduced at your request.

Installation tutorial: Download the zip file and unzip it, then install and run the SAI software. Click Install APKs and check the program apks file and click Select to install.

Changes in version v3.0:

* Fixed application bugs


Ekstar Voice Recorder