ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics Calculator v3.4 [Pro] – Android Electronic Engineering Calculator App!
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ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics CalculatorIs an electronic engineering calculator developed by SolarElectroCalc and published on Google Play. Calculators were among the first computers made by us humans. Gradually, with the advancement of technology, these simple computer systems also advanced and were able to assist engineers in performing calculations. Unlike in the past, when it took a lot of money to get a calculator, today it is very simple and easy to get them. So that you can even access a great calculator by installing a multi-megabyte app. ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics Calculator is one of the best and most complete calculators for calculating electrical and electrical engineers. As you know, the field of electronic engineering is one of the most difficult fields with a lot of calculations. In order to design any type of circuit, you must use a special computational formula. On the other hand, the existing T formulas are very volatile and will be erased from our minds after a short time! For this reason, one of the best ways to perform calculations as quickly as possible is to use dedicated calculators in this field.

ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics Calculator A collection of different calculators in one application

One of the reasons that ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics Calculator program has attracted a lot of fans in a very short time is its collection of calculators. More than 40 different calculators have been put together in this collection to eliminate any need for other peripherals. The best calculators available include color resistance calculators, voltage dividers, LED resistance calculators, series and parallel capacitors and inductors, and many other computational tools. All you have to do is select each of the calculators and place the numbers in the designated position.

Various formulas, a way to increase ability

In ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics Calculator you not only have access to a variety of calculators; Instead, more than a dozen different formulas are included in a dedicated bar to help you learn as much as possible. These formulas, which are specially categorized, cover many topics in the field of electronics and electricity, and are one of the best options for recalling and reviewing summaries of your past lessons. The point that makes these formulas and the use of this startup more special is its support for the sweet Persian language. To activate Persian language, it is enough to change the language of your Android phone to Persian, so that the language of the program changes completely automatically.

The best way to do LED panel calculations

If you look around you will see a collection of different LED panels. Paintings that each show one thing. Usually, you need to perform various calculations to make such panels. For this purpose, the ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics Calculator program helps your loved ones to access the calculations and the number of LEDs required in just a few seconds by specifying the letters on the panel. you have. If you encounter any of the signs during any calculation, you can easily read the complete and brief description of the symbols by referring to the dedicated section.

Some features and capabilities of ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics Calculator Android application:

  • Super functional calculator for electronics and electrical engineering
  • A set of 40+ various computational tools
  • A convenient option for performing electronic board calculations
  • Access to dozens of special formulas to remind you of specific university courses
  • Perform fast calculations just by entering numbers
  • Provide complete information about all forms used in the program
  • Sweet Persian language support
  • Option to quickly search among existing computing tools

Application ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics Calculator to benefit from the facilities and capabilities unique in the field of performing various calculations electronics and electricity by developer it for free along with the interstitial 10.99 dollars publish Rating 4.7 out of 5.0 by Its users have received that you can now download the latest professional version of it from Usroid website .


ElectroCalc - DIY Electronics Calculator