Electronic Component Pinouts Free v16.20 – Complete electronic component data
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Our world is the world of electronic devices. If you look around, you’ll see a lot of electronic devices. The number of these electronic devices is increasing every day, and each time more of our analog devices take on an electronic form. All of these devices are made of electronic components such as cheats, diodes, resistors, capacitors, and so on. By combining these components, electrical and electronics engineers create different devices for different purposes. Each of these components has its own characteristics and their details should be taken into account when using them. Electronic parts manufacturers publish the exact specifications of each part in detail, along with the full form and description. This information is available in the form of small booklets published under the name Datashite. Usually for any type of electronic components such as capacitors, ICs and…. A datasheet is printed. Therefore, someone who is designing electronic circuits should have access to different types of datasheets so that he can choose the most suitable parts for use in his circuit. Fortunately, very good programs have been developed that combine the information of these datasheets and save engineers from having a large number of datasheets. Today in Usroid, we are at your service with one of these programs.Electronic Component Pinouts Free is an application with a complete set of datasheets for various electronic components for the Android operating system, developed by Adriano Moutinho and published for free on Google Play. In this program, the information of each part along with the image and full description is provided. There is a quick and perfect search engine in the program with which you can find any piece quickly. When typing in the search box, you will be offered relevant items so that you do not need to type the full name of the piece. The photos of the parts are of high quality and can be zoomed in on. In addition, if needed, you can search for your desired piece in Google by hitting a data button and get the result.

Some features and capabilities of Electronic Component Pinouts Free Android app :

  • Has complete information of more than 80,000 electronic pieces
  • Quick and seamless search engine
  • Provide suggestions when typing in the search box
  • Includes photos and descriptions for each piece
  • Search for the datasheet of the piece being viewed on Google by hitting a button

The Electronic Component Pinouts Free app is a great tool for all electronic and electrical engineers who, with the satisfaction of Android users, have been able to get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 for Google Play users. Now you can download the free version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Versions 16.20 :

* Add 460 new chips
* Fix some errors
* Fix bugs in Android Q.


Electronic Component Pinouts Free