Elemento: Icon Pack v1.2.0 – Elemento Dark Gradient Icon Pack Android Application
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Elemento: Icon Pack is the title of Elemento Dark Gradient Icon Pack, developed by the renowned FLATEDGE studio and published on Google Play. Android smartphone users use a variety of tools to make changes to their smartphone user interface. Each of these programs somehow affects a part of the user interface. Some of them have changed the wallpaper or others are trying to put new widgets on their home screen. Another way to make changes to the UI of Android phones is to use launchers, which unfortunately many of them are not optimal and after installation cause problems such as high battery consumption and CPU for the user. Before making changes, we must pay attention to the fact that when unlocking the screen and viewing it, what covers a large part of it ?! With just a little care you will notice that a large part of the screen is occupied by icons. Due to this issue, icons can be considered as one of the most influential components on the beauty of the smartphone user interface. Users can use different methods to make changes to the application icon, but one of the best and fastest of these methods is the icon packs. One of the best symbol packs available in the Android Market that we are going to introduce in this post is Elemento: Icon Pack. With this icon pack, you dear ones can change all the icons on the screen of your Android phone and give it a special effect.

Elemento: Icon Pack A world of attractive icons

After installing and entering the initial environment of Elemento: Icon Pack, one of the main factors that attracts your attention is its dashboard. In this dashboard, you can access a variety of management options, each of which somehow meets your needs and gives you access to icons. In general, this package includes more than 1700 different icons, and according to their number, we can say that many startups and games are covered by the El Mento icon pack.

Submit a request to create an icon!

Although Elemento: Icon Pack users have access to a huge array of icons, you may still not be able to see the icon of one of your most used apps ! For this purpose, the developer has a special section for the user. With the help of this section, you can select the software you want so that in the next updates, the icon design team will design your favorite program for you. Unlike other similar icon packs available in the Android Market, we must say that the El Mento icon pack is one of the packages that will be updated in a short period of time.

Dynamic icons and compatible wallpapers

A number of icons in the Elemento: Icon Pack are recognized as dynamic icons that are used for the smartphone calendar. In addition, you dear ones can not only access a set of different symbols, but also dozens of wallpapers. These wallpapers are very compatible with the icons and using them at the same time with the symbols will give a special effect to your smartphone display.

Some features and capabilities of Elemento: Icon Pack Android app:

  • Access a collection of 1700+ diverse icons
  • Special gradient design based on dark colors and combining it with dynamic colors
  • Option to send a request to create your own icon to the development team
  • Support for various and popular Android launchers
  • Dynamic icons for Android calendar
  • Option to search through the list of symbols
  • Access to dozens of proprietary wallpapers designed by the developer

The Elemento: Icon Pack app has been released by its developer for $ 0.99 with a variety of features and capabilities, and has received a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. Dear ones, you can now download the latest version of this smart app without any restrictions from Farsroid website.

Elemento Icon Pack