After introducing several defense-style games for Android, today in Usroid we intend to introduce the new Elf Defense game, in which defending the land against the ancient enemies creates a beautiful epic! In this game, you have to try to increase the number of your soldiers and increase their number day by day to increase your power more and make it easier for you to defeat the enemies.

More than 100 enemies in front of you and you must try to destroy them all and win the field. So build your defense tower and stand firmly in front of them with determination and do not allow the enemies to invade your territory and defeat them.

Some features of Elf Defense Android game:

* Over 100 stubborn enemies with different strategies

* Glamorous environments including forests

* Collect mercenary warriors to destroy enemies

* Increase war tactics

* Having excellent graphics and quality

Today in Usroid, we have put the latest version of the entertaining and defined Elf Defense game for you users, which you can download with one click.


Download Elf Defense - a new action and defense game for Android