Empire: Rome Rising – Empire: The Rise of Rome, a play super-cute style strategy games online from the studio Mountain Lion for the Android operating system with over 5 million players from around the world of the most popular and most strategy games on Android to Is counted. In this game, you as the commander and leader of Rome must build a very powerful empire and defend yourself against other players around the world and go to battle with them and finally destroy them one after another. ! In general, in this game, while preparing an army of Roman soldiers for battle, you also consider the cultural and scientific upliftment of a society and you will experience the best Android strategy game . In Empire: Rome RisingAlso one of the main features is interaction with other players around the world who play this game online! Maybe it’s time to claim that strategy style games no longer make sense, at least on mobile platforms offline, and the best experiences can be found online and when other professional players are present! You build your city and glorify it; But the villains are waiting for you to slip to attack your defensive walls and level the city with dirt and…!

Some features of Empire: Rome Rising Android strategy game:

  • Ability to train Roman heroes and upgrade their skills
  • Conquer and occupy new lands to expand your empire
  • Ability to form alliances with other players and chat with any player in real time!
  • Use multiple diplomacies to strengthen your unity
  • Supports Chinese, English , German and Russian languages

Empire: Rome Rising game currently has a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 on Google Play , and today in Usroid, we provide you with the latest version at the request of users! As indicated by the red Wi-Fi symbol at the top-left of the post; Game Empire: Rome Rising is online and Internet connection is required to run and the connection can be via WiFi, SIM cards by Irancell, the first mobile Rightel and be provided.

Changes in version v1.53:

* Added new features
* Fixed game problems and improved graphics and connectivity


EmpireRome Rising