Empires & Allies v1.116.1586292.production – A very beautiful online strategy game “Emperors and Allies” Android
A strategy game – a very beautiful and popular competitive competition for Android
The latest and latest update

Empires and Allies is a new and very beautiful game in the style of strategy games from Zynga game development studio for Android devices, which brings you a different experience of online battle games! At first glance, Empires and Allies is similar to mobile war strategy games such as Boom Beach or War Of Nations, but the gameplay is such that it allows the player to build bases and military fortifications to strengthen the build at the beginning of the game. Then, using the resources that are created in specific time intervals, the player is able to develop his base in the specified time. Meanwhile, other players attack the base, and the main goal of the game is to build a strong military base to resist attacks. Military operations against other bases and sending forward troops for reconnaissance operations are also performed by the player. The style of this game is not as new as it should be, but its creator believes that new innovations have been made in Empires and Allies!

Some features of Empires and Allies Android strategy game:

  • Create a powerful and dedicated empire and army
  • Equip the empire with tanks, planes, helicopters, etc.
  • Deployment of modern weapons, including nuclear weapons
  • Possibility of forming an alliance for multiplayer battles
  • Attack and loot the resources of other players around the world
  • Unique design with excellent HD graphics


Empires and Allies game currently has ascore of 4.3 out of 5.0 in the Android market. We in Usroid introduce the latest and latest version of it to you, the fans of strategic games, and you can read more. Watch the game and download it if you wish.


Notice that :

1 – Empires and Allies game is online and internet and always requires an internet connection to play.
2 – You can always download the latest version of the game from this page from Usroid.
3 – The new version is released without data and is an installation file of +100 MB.
4 – New versions of the game hacked – not in mode; When the mode is ready, it will be added to the download box.


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