Empty Folder Cleaner v1.10 [ad-free] – application to quickly identify and delete empty folders Android
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Continuous removal and installation of various applications on Android smart devices may cause various problems, the most common of which is the increase in empty folders. The number of these folders sometimes increases to such an extent that it may confuse the user in finding the desired files. Empty Folder CleanerTitle is an application for quick identification and deletion of empty Android folders, published by AppWorld Infotech. The intelligent system of this software is a quick solution to solve the mentioned problem; It scans the entire memory of the smartphone in just a few seconds and displays empty folders. Among the features of this simple tool is the detection of hidden folders, which helps to examine all subfolders without any complicated options. All data will be deleted with just one touch and you will be able to save significant amount of data storage memory.

Some features and capabilities of Empty Folder Cleaner Android application:

  • Smart system to scan the smartphone and find empty folders
  • Very high accuracy in memory search to find subfolders
  • Speed ​​up command execution by deleting extra folders
  • Enhance data storage memory
  • Great feature to find hidden folders without any restrictions
  • Displays the exact address of folders detected when deleted
  • Receive from identified folders after deleting them

Empty Folder Cleaner application with a special and functional feature has been able to get a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, who can now download the latest version without ads without any restrictions and annoying ads from the link Get Usroid Direct .

Version v1.10 changes:

* Fixed application issues
* Added privacy policies


Empty Folder Cleaner