Perhaps the most accessible device for anyone today is his mobile phone, which he uses many times during the day and meets his needs. This constant access to smartphones has made it possible to perform many different services with them. The set of services that these smart devices do properly is e-banking! For many of your activities, you do not need to visit the bank in person, and everything can be done simply by holding a mobile phone. EN Bank along with Eghtesad Novin Bank, the title of the mobile bank applicationNew Economy is developed by the same bank and published for the Android operating system. With this software, you can experience any kind of services related to Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank in Divistan and meet your needs at any time. There are two types of communication to use this advanced mobile bank, the first is the use of SMS and the second is various services on the Internet. Use the offline services of Shetab member cards and easily make card balances, money transfers, SIM card recharges and بدون without the need for any ATMs. The set of features of this app is not limited to the text above, and to be informed of them, it is better to follow us in the following.

Some features and capabilities of EN Bank Android application:

  • View your card balance
  • Supports both SMS and Internet communication
  • Transfer funds between internal cards or accelerator members
  • Pay all kinds of bills in the shortest possible time
  • Buy credit SIM card recharge
  • Send invoices to e-mail
  • Extensive service for customers with short-term deposits
  • Transfer money permanently or Satna
  • Possibility to receive the night number
  • Ability to request card blocking in case of failure
  • The method is very simple and easy to use

Application EN Bank With features extensive able to meet needs of bank customers new economy in many references in person, meet them at any time, provided there who can now have the most recent version of the direct links website Usroid get ; The forthcoming version of the new Eghtesad Bank mobile application is its official version, which has been extracted from the main site of the program and offered for download.

Version v1.0 changes:

* Release of the initial version of the program by the developer site


AND Bank