Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer + Mod – Android Simulation Game
Regular Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Diamonds) Separately Available
Tested to Run Offline

Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer is the name of a simulation game that has been released for Android mobile devices by the game development studio, Giant Avocado Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi. Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer is an idle space exploration game that uses management and strategic elements in its gameplay. Idle-style games are usually simple games and have gained many fans on mobile platforms in recent years. Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer is also one of the good games in this genre, which has been able to bring a completely unique experience to fans of idle-style games with a simple idea. The gameplay of the game does not have complex mechanisms and is only designed for passing time and entertainment. The story of the game is also about Earth in 2020. Darkness has taken over everything. Forests are on fire, earthquakes are causing severe damage, and a pandemic threatens the future of humanity. But humans have not yet reached the worst part of the story. Astronomers have reported a near-collision of an asteroid with Earth that could extinct humanity. Time is limited and fear and terror of the destruction of Earth are increasing moment by moment. Now only a brave hero can save humanity from destruction. Are you that hero?


Endless Colonies Idle Space Explorer


Your progress in Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer is a gradual process, but this game does not use the clicker mechanisms that are common in idle games. Your goal is to discover new planets and build factories on them, ultimately colonizing them. The more planets you discover, the larger your empire will become, and you can earn more capital. Then you can reinvest your capital in planets and factories and become a great capitalist. With the development of an efficient strategy, you will be able to manage all your factories and hire employees to work for you without interruption. Then, by creating a transportation system, you can quickly bring the resources you need into the factories and increase your progress speed. When you finish your work with a planet and create your colony, you can prepare your spaceship and start a new adventure to find other planets and create colonies on them. Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer has achieved a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating on the Android market, and the Usroid team intends to provide you with the original and modded versions, tested and completely free. You can now download this game via the direct links at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!

Attention: If you cannot enter the game with the mod version, disconnect your internet and try again.