English 30000 Words with Pictures v136 [PRO] – English vocabulary learning app with pictures Android
Professional and full version of the program worth $ 7.99

The official language of the world for communication between different countries is English, which shows its great importance. This breadth and popularity has caused various schools to teach this language, which in some cases, receive huge fees from their students under different titles. But today, learning has become easier and you can learn any subject at any time with just a smartphone! Usroid website has introduced the best language learning software so far to provide an easy and free educational platform. In this post, we also want to introduce you to another app that will undoubtedly be a great help to the English learning process. he does. English 30000 Words with PicturesThe title is an English vocabulary learning app with images developed by KevinSmith and published on Google Play. As the name of the program indicates, the first feature that attracts everyone’s attention after installation is the support of 30,000 words with special photos, which makes the learning process much easier and helps to Use these images to record words in your long-term memory. Another feature that makes everyone happy is the correct pronunciation of words; In this case, the words are carefully and with a native accent so that you are completely familiar with the type of expression and pronunciation from the beginning of learning. If you think that a word is not recorded in your mind, add it to the reminder list so that the smart system will remind you of it every day.

Some features and capabilities of the English 30000 Words with Pictures Android app:

  • Learn English with quality images
  • Supports 30,000 different words without any learning restrictions
  • A collection of games to memorize the meanings of words in long-term memory
  • Pronunciation mode of words with a completely native accent
  • No need for internet access while learning
  • Intelligent reminder system for learning difficult words
  • Provide common vocabulary to have a flawless conversation in the future!

App English 30000 Words with Pictures to take advantage of the features and functionality that varied by your developer for free with in-network $ 7.99 on Google Play has been released, can now use the newest version of its professional without any Get a restriction from Usroid website .


English 30000 Words with Pictures Pro