English Dictionary – Offline is one of the most complete, comprehensive and best English to English dictionary software for Android operating system, which contains more than 159 thousand words and has 65000 simple shapes, and about all English words for you explains .

This dictionary works offline and does not require internet, and only in cases where you are looking for a specialized word, an internet connection may be required for translation. The search power of this program is high and it shows you the same words in the form of a list, and you can select any of them with your finger.

The feature of this dictionary is the ability to listen to the pronunciation of words, for which the text-to-speech engine must be active on your device, which you can activate by referring to your phone’s settings and the Voice input & output section .

To download the latest version of the English Dictionary – Offline for free and with a direct link from Usroid , refer to the following.


Download English Dictionary - Offline - Android offline dictionary