English Idioms & Slang Phrases v1.4.3 – Android App for Learning English Idioms and Slang Phrases
Professional and complete version of the app worth $4.99 is offered to you, dear Usroid followers.

Knowing a second language in addition to one’s mother tongue greatly helps in communication. We all know that everyone speaks a particular language based on their geographical location, but it should be noted that all countries consider one language as the common language through which tourists, travelers, etc. can easily communicate. This common language is English, and this has led many people to want to learn it. English-speaking people, like us, have colloquial language and use various idioms in conversation. However, no matter how proficient we are in English, we are still weak in speaking and using these idioms, so it is better to find a way to learn them. English Idioms & Slang Phrases is the title of an app for learning common English phrases and idioms developed by Smart Learning Solutions and published on Google Play. This software helps its users learn the most colloquial idioms in English in a very short time with an extraordinary technique. Learning these phrases will help you not face problems in various situations such as shopping, asking for help, attending classes, etc. There are more than 2,000 examples of the most common idioms in this app’s database, and with just one month of study, you will learn a significant portion of them. Exciting exercises are available to improve your abilities, which will lead to desired results. Don’t forget to use flashcards to better understand vocabulary and idioms, and be sure they are stored in your long-term memory. In the available calendar, you can see the exact time of the educational classes on each day and never miss them.

Some of the features and capabilities of the English Idioms & Slang Phrases Android app:

  • Learning a set of idioms and common phrases
  • Over 2,000 commonly used idioms in English
  • Using idioms while traveling, shopping, in class, and more
  • A unique method for effectively learning English in one month!
  • Using flashcards to store vocabulary in long-term memory
  • Internal calendar to view exact class times
  • Search among the internal dictionary
  • A set of exercises to solidify what you have learned
  • A simple and easy-to-use user interface

The English Idioms & Slang Phrases app, with its special features and capabilities, has been released for free with in-app purchases of $4.99 by its developer and has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. You can now download the latest professional version from the huge database of the Usroid website.


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