Epic Shop v0.2.16 + Mod – Management and entertainment game “Epic Shop” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (coins, diamonds and Unlimited souls) individually
tested with offline execution

Epic Shop is a very beautiful and entertaining game with a simple but very attractive idea that has been released for free with in-app payments by DeusCraft Cypriot Studio for Android operating system and is available to players on Google Play Located around the world. This time, we are proud to announce that for the first time among all Iranian sites, we have considered another attractive and well-made game for you dear ones, and we will provide you with the latest version for free and tested. Usroid has also released a modded version for this game, in addition to the original version. DeusCraft Studio is known for making fantasy, adventure and management games, and to this day a variety of titles such as Deathpool online , Witch’s Pot and Grand Hotel ManiaHas published that in other articles from Usroid, we also introduced them to your service. By clicking on the name of each of these games, you can download them for free, just like this game. Then join Usroid in introducing and reviewing the Epic Shop game.


Epic Shop


Epic Shop is a management game that challenges your skills in scheduling and managing multiple tasks simultaneously. Usually, such games are offered in the style of cooking and restaurant management, but in the game of epic store, the story is different and the creators have considered an interesting and special approach for the newer experience of the audience. In this game you are in the role of a blacksmith who is in an ancient and legendary world for his clients who are fighters like Vikings, witches, etc. There are weapons, armor, shields and … makes. Like all similar games in the same style, in Epic Shop you have to simultaneously follow the requests and orders of customers and prepare and deliver each order separately and in the fastest possible time. The faster you place and prepare orders, the more satisfied you will be with your customers and the more money you will receive as a result. As you progress through the game and go through more stages, your work will become harder and more challenging because your work will expand and your customers will increase, which means that you will have to prepare orders in less time. An important part of the game is related to upgrades and store development. In this section, you can expand your activity by unlocking more sections or upgrading other sections and increase your earning speed. Epic Shop game with its attractive cartoon graphics and simple gameplay can entertain you for a long time and at the same time challenge you a lot! Are you ready to start your own epic store? So download the latest version of this game from Usroid right now and expand your store.