[Equalizer Music Player Booster v2.19.02 [Pro – Android professional music player application
professional version with access to all features and capabilities

One of the most important points in determining the quality of music is the precise adjustment and instead of equalizers, which makes the sound output from the device have the desired quality. There are several programs for setting up an equalizer for Android, each of which has the task of strengthening a specific band; But today we are going to introduce a unique player with enough mastery on the equalizer to you dear ones to attract your attention. Equalizer Music Player Booster Pro Unlocked is an equalizer music player based on MWM – Free music and audio apps for Android for Android developed and published. With this software, you can easily play your audio files as much as possible by accessing seven equalizer bands and enjoy the sound output of your headphones. Aside from the ability to access the equalizer bands, a powerful bass boost engine is also included in the Equalizer Music Player Booster Pro application, which enables those who are interested in bass volume to make it as strong as possible and make the most of their music. Enjoy. There are a number of pre-configured equalizer stations for music styles such as pop, rock, and 3 that only need to run and select programs to access them.

Some features and capabilities of Equalizer Music Player Booster for Android:

  • Access to seven equalizer bands
  • A collection of 10 pre-set music-based stations
  • Ability to edit and save pre-configured stations
  • Powerful bass boost engine in music
  • Access to all music files as a folder
  • Create your own playlist to run your favorite files
  • Search for your desired song based on various features
  • Access to two widgets for fast playback of music files
  • Compatibility with Android smartwatches
  • Ability to edit meta data

Music Player Equalizer Music Player Booster supports two customizable EQ and Bass Boost has been able to more than 50 million downloads Active Score 4.3 from 5.0 from users Google gained which can now use the newest version of the professional program Get $ 3.70 from Usroid site without having to pay within the network .