Equalizer – Advanced 10 band EQ with bass booster v1.9 – Professional and complete equalizer application for Android,
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If you are also a music lover, then pay close attention to the sound output from your smartphone or headphones! Sometimes it is seen that despite using a flagship with the right hardware, the output sound is not good and can not convey a good sense of music to you. In such cases, software factors have a great impact on the sounds being played. Having the right player is one of the most important factors in producing quality sound. But one of the things that many users do not pay attention to is the adjustment of audio frequencies, by changing them in any situation, you get a special sound. Many players provide such settings to their users by default, but we must say that these options do not have much effect on the sound! So it is better to go to specialized volume control software. Equalizer – Advanced 10 band EQ with bass boosterTitle is a professional and complete equalizer application developed by Luthbiac and published on Google Play. As mentioned in the description above, this startup is a special tool for adjusting the output sound that helps you customize it to your liking. Ten equalizer bands are at your disposal, dear ones, which are self-adjusting, and the slightest change in these bands has a direct effect on the sounds. If you do not have enough skills in setting equalizers, it is better to go to preset stations! More than 12 presets are embedded in this program, each of which is for a specific style of music. By touching each station, its settings are applied quickly and the output sound changes. One of the most important differences between this application and other similar programs is its support for various types of audio players; That eliminates the need for special players.

Some features and capabilities of Equalizer – Advanced 10 band EQ with bass booster Android:

  • Professional tuning of smartphone equalizer with access to ten different bands
  • A set of 12 presets for music in specific styles
  • Dedicated bass booster and 3D visualizer
  • High quality output sound compared to other software
  • Supports a variety of audio file players
  • Apply sound changes in real time
  • Having sufficient control over the volume of the output sound
  • Simple and attractive user interface

Equalizer application – Advanced 10 band EQ with bass booster with the benefit of its special capabilities in the field of equalizing Android equalizer has been downloaded more than one hundred thousand times by various users around the world, now you can download the latest version without ads Download it from the direct links of Usroid website .


Equalizer – Advanced 10 band EQ with bass booster