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In many cases, or it can be said that in all cases where users of smart devices lose their smartphones, the most important mental and intellectual preoccupation is the information contained in it; This information is sometimes so important that it can disrupt life or destroy many relationships that we have seen over and over again. Many different Android tools have been published so far in order to solve this problem, by which you will be able to view and delete information remotely only by connecting to the Internet; But in many cases, it happens that the Android phone is lost and you do not have access to the Internet; In such cases, Android capabilities are used and frees you from the existing problem. Eradoo PRO – Data Protection Unlocked is a widely used program to protect data when a smart device is stolen or lost.Android is developed and published by Ouadban Youssef. The function of this software is such that in case of theft, it detects all the information without internet access and deletes your files as easily as possible remotely. One of the most important ways embedded in this application is to delete information by SMS; All you have to do is send a message to your number during the theft to quickly delete all your files in a special and irreversible way. The above program has a very small volume compared to other software and uses other protection methods such as changing or entering the wrong SIM card PIN code to delete information.


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Application Eradoo PRO – Data Protection as a program unparalleled in the appointment of information security smart devices has been rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by users Play Store acquired can now use the newest version unlocked the software useful Download for free from the huge Usroid database .