Eraser v1.4 + Mod – Puzzle game and unique wanted for Android + Trailer
normal version + Mod version (unlocked) individually
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Eraser is a new and very beautiful game with a special and different design and addictive gameplay in the style of puzzle games from HIKER GAMES studio for Android . Download the world and get an excellent score of 4.6 out of 5.0To earn this point because of its special design! The story of Eraser game is that the main character accidentally shrinks and goes into his drawing paper! Now he must escape the magical hands he wants to destroy in order to wake up from his nightmare! This very simple story has been able to provide a platform for a very attractive gameplay, the role of the player is to touch some existing shapes, make them disappear and widen the way to victory; Simply put, your fingers will act as an eraser! Interestingly, like similar titles, Eraser puzzles are based on the laws of physics, so you should expect different behavior as each piece of object disappears!


Download Eraser: Deadline Nightmare


Game Design  Eraser according to the laws of physics makes the gameplay the game very well built, more, why is it so hard to get, let’s use an analogy from physics to better understand how; Imagine a swing that is balanced. Now if you delete any part you want, the swing will fall to the other side. This is just a simple example of some of the physical challenges of Eraser and you will see more difficult puzzles as you progress. Fortunately, the spread of puzzles also makes you not feel tired so soon! From a visual point of view, the interesting environment and design of the characters are connected to the core of the gameplay. The music is also energizing and tries to increase the excitement by injecting adrenaline into the player’s blood. You can now first view the images and trailer of the game and, if you wish, go to Fars for free Download one of the normal installation files and play mode.

Changes in version v1.4:

* Added leaderboard + more language support.