Escape From Crimson Manor v1.02 – A very fun adventure-puzzle game “Escape from the Red Mansion” for Android
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Escape From Crimson Manor – Escape from the Red Mansion is another well-made and entertaining game from the Crimson Manor game series, which was made after The Mystery of Crimson Manor and was released in a similar style. American studio MediaCity Games LLC is responsible for making and publishing this game for Android devices. This game has been sold for $ 1.99 on Google Play, and as always, for the first time among all Iranian sites, we decided to purchase the complete and complete version of this game as soon as it is released, and to download it on Farsroid. Introduce and publish for you dear ones. Escape From Crimson Manor game is designed in a puzzle and adventure style. The general nature of the game is similar to dozens of other similar games in the same genre, and the general trend is followed in the form of Point & Click gameplay. This game tells an interesting and mysterious story from the Victorian era and puts you in the role of the main character of the game in a mysterious, exciting and of course risky situation. The fascinating combination of a professional story with an exciting and enigmatic process has made the game of escape from the Red Mansion one of the best games in this genre. MediaCity Games Studio has previously introduced and released other games in the same genre. Unlike many other competing studios that offer their games for free, MediaCity Games publishes all of its original games in premium form and in paid form, and Escape From Crimson Manor is one of them. These are the games that you can not experience without paying and buying them, but Farsroid has prepared the purchased version of the game for you dear ones so that there is no need to pay any cost on your part.

Escape From Crimson Manor

The story of the game Escape From Crimson ManorNarrated in Victorian times and in the city of London. The main role is played by a young man who works at the Hadley Strange Railway. One day the man’s employer sends him a coded letter asking him to go to his family mansion in a suburb of London. In the role of this man, you decide to accept your employer’s invitation and go to this mansion. But when you get there you do not see anyone and the situation seems mysterious and strange. The main door is open and a terrifying silence reigns in this mansion. This issue attracts the attention of the main character of the story and then he decides to step on this strange mansion to find out the story. After a short tour of the mansion and the search for an employer, the young man realizes that the situation seems complicated and suspicious, so he decides to leave the mansion as soon as possible. But he made this decision late and now he is stuck in this big and luxurious house and all the doors are closed and protected with different locks. It seems that the only way to escape is to solve various puzzles that lead to a certain path. In Escape From Crimson Manor, you have to solve various puzzles and puzzles, each of which has a specific structure and mechanism. Solving each puzzle reveals a piece of the lost puzzles of this mansion and its mysterious story, as well as a step to help you escape from this place. Therefore, you should try your best to solve these puzzles before it is too late and discover the secret of this mansion and escape as soon as possible! Can you discover the mysteries of the Red Mansion and escape from this mysterious place? If you are interested in adventure and puzzle games and Point & Games You will also enjoy Click and Hidden Objects, Escape From Crimson Manor will be an attractive and exciting choice for you. You can now through the direct link located in the download boxFarsroid Download this game as purchased.