Escape Machine City: Airborne v1.28 + Mod – A puzzle and intellectual game “Escape from the Machine City” for Android
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Escape Machine City: Airborne – فرار از شهر ماشینی: هوابرد is the name of the second installment of the Escape Machine City game series, which was produced by the creative studio Snapbreak from Sweden and released completely for free after the remarkable success of the first part. Usroid has also prepared the full and final version of the game along with its modded version and introduced and published it for the first time among all Iranian websites, simultaneously with its release on Google Play. Snapbreak has gained special fame for making escape games, and has so far released several popular and professional games such as Escape Funky Island, Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure, Through Abandoned, Stranger Cases: A Mystery Escape, or the popular game series Faraway for Android phones and tablets, all of which we have introduced on Usroid and you can click on the name of each to go to its relevant page and download the game completely and for free. Escape Machine City: Airborne is also made and paid attention to with the same eternal standards of Snapbreak, but its general features are very similar to the first part. The story of the game Escape Machine City: Airborne is related to a machine city called Air City. It is a large and luxurious spaceship that moves slowly in the sky just like a small city, but with the difference that it moves in the sky. You are in the role of a special group on the ground that has momentary contact with this city and is constantly monitoring its status. However, the communication between this group and the machine city is cut off and for 2 days, no news is transmitted from this spaceship to the Earth. For this reason, the relevant authorities decide to send a special group to this machine city and investigate its situation.


Escape Machine City: Airborne


From the moment you start playing Escape Machine City: Airborne, you are in the role of the main character who is tasked with investigating the situation and conditions of this spacecraft. As soon as you enter this ship, you realize that the conditions are not as they should be, and it seems that strange events have occurred on this spacecraft. Although this city had accommodated dozens of people, there is no news of them now, making the situation even more complicated. Now you have to try to uncover the mystery of these events by finding clues and solving complex puzzles and riddles. This is not going to be easy, so prepare yourself for an exciting, mysterious and adventurous journey. Who is behind the story of these events? How is this machine city moving and where have its residents gone? These are some of the questions that you may be able to find an answer to by carefully examining the game’s story and solving its puzzles. With its excellent and imaginative graphics and fully 3D modeling, Escape Machine City: Airborne provides a complete and perfect experience for you. Throughout the game, there are dozens of different puzzles and riddles in various styles, some of which may be quite challenging. Overall, Escape Machine City: Airborne is a very well-made and enjoyable game suitable for all ages. Usroid invites you to download this exciting and thrilling game for free and tested from the site’s servers. It is worth mentioning that Escape Machine City: Airborne has become one of the most popular and attractive games for users, with a score of 4.4 out of 5.0.