Escape The Ape in Persian (Monkey Escape) is a new and fun game with cartoon graphics in the style of action fantasy games for the Android operating system , in which you are in the role of a lovely chimpanzee who must get rid of a terrible gorilla and Giant Escape! As you have to climb the tree, run fast and jump high to be safe from this gorilla! The lovely chimpanzee in our game was looking for the legendary jewels in the tropical jungle that finally reach the treasure… But the gorilla statue that protected the jewels came to life at once! So help him escape from this huge gorilla by jumping from the trees and have fun for hours.

In the game , easily draw a line to create a rope so that this chimpanzee can climb it; Climb as high as you can, but be extremely careful! This game is one of the most popular games with a score of 4.5 out of 5 and has excellent graphics due to its very small size.

Some features of Escape The Ape Android game:

* Ability to create a line as a rope for JoJo

* Fill your jars by collecting bananas

* Collect jewels and upgrade monkeys to reach higher levels

* Having high graphics compared to its very low volume

* Compete with your friends and participate in a variety of other challenges

* Supports 7 live languages ​​of the world including English, French

Escape The Ape game is offered completely free of charge, and Usroid will provide you with the latest version with a direct link, and we hope you like it…

 Normal version + modded version (free purchase)


Download Escape The Ape - a fun monkey escape game for Android




Download Escape The Ape Android APK - NEW



Download Escape The Ape Android APK - NEW