Eternal Concord v1.4.10 – Interesting and retro role-playing game “Eternal Covenant” for Android + trailer of
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Eternal Concord – The Eternal Concord, released in its entirety on Google Play under the full title Eternal Concord – ⚔️ Retro RPG, is a fun and engaging retro RPG or classic retro role-playing game modeled on classic classic and arcade titles. Produced and published. This game is priced at $ 3.99 to buy and download, but Usroid is the first among all Iranian websitesIntroducing and preparing the complete and purchased version of this game for you dear friends and companions to install this game on your Android device for free without any worries. It should be noted that Eternal Concord is a standalone game developed individually by a developer (Dunamis Games). Although the Eternal Covenant game has a storyline, it has thousands of similar versions. You are in the role of a group of heroes who have lined up against the devil who intends to conquer all human lands and have worked to stop him and his army. So that the creator of the gameHe says that the story part and the stages and missions of the game normally take about 10 hours. During the game you will discover dozens of different characters and heroes, from which you can create a special group of 8 people. Each of these characters has its own capabilities and abilities. In the role of these characters, you have to go to battle with the enemies and fight evil creatures in RPG style fighting games.

Some features of Eternal Concord Android game:

  • Has a story line with more than 10 hours of content
  • Graphic and pixel design
  • Classic role-playing and adventure gameplay
  • Ability to build and manage a team of 8 people
  • There are a variety of heroes with unique features and capabilities
  • There are more than 130 different enemies
  • Travel to various places including desert, mountains and mysterious forests
  • Ability to travel by land, sea or even air
  • There are dozens of side and secret missions
  • Has a Monster Arena section to fight the toughest monsters
  • No need for in-app payments
  • Audible and exciting music

Eternal Concord is a classic and lovable Retro RPG that with its interesting and nostalgic features can be considered not only a classic game but also a modern game. This game has various sections and stages, so you can entertain yourself with this game for a long time. Travel to the world of Concordia heroes and stop the infiltration of evil powers to save this beautiful land from enemies. Eternal Concord recently crossed the threshold of one thousand downloads on Google Play and managed to get a very good score of 4.7 out of 5.0 . If you want to download and install this game, you can get the latest updated version of the purchased version from Usroid right now.

Changes in version v1.4.10:

* No changes for this version are mentioned in Google Play.


Eternal Concord