Eternal Senia v1.200825 + Mod – Adventure game and role-oriented role of “Eternal Senia” for Android + trailer of
normal version + mod version (unlimited money) separately
tested with offline performance

Eternal Senia – Hydrangea After The Rain – Hydrangea After The Rain: Hydrangea After The Rain is an adventurous and legendary role-playing game from the Taiwanese studio Sanctum Games Co., Ltd. Is offered for free on Google Play. Usroid for the first time in IranThis game has been prepared and provided for free download. It is worth mentioning that this game is the first title published by Sanctum Games. Eternal Senia – Hydrangea After The Rain is one of the games that has attracted the attention of not only gamers, but also other developers and game critics as soon as it is released. It is also interesting to know that this game was introduced in 2018 as one of the top independent games on Google Play, and this title remained for this game until the end of 2019. Eternal Sonia is currently on the list of selected Google Play (Editor’s Choice) games. Eternal Senia – Hydrangea After The Rain tells the story of two sisters named Magaleta and Senia. The older sister, Magaleta, disappears very suddenly. It is rumored that the young girl was abducted by a demonic force. Now the younger sister, Senia, sets out to find her sister and embark on a risky journey. You have to help her in the role of Senia to complete this adventure well and successfully complete the difficult mission that is on her shoulders.


Eternal Senia - Hydrangea After The Rain


در بازی Eternal Senia – Hydrangea After The RainYou will not be alone and you will have friends and companions. This game, as mentioned, is in the role-playing style, which means that you have to manage the characters in the game. The whole game tells a legendary and imaginative adventure. That is why your enemies are also mythical creatures. But there is no news of scary and violent creatures! On the contrary, your enemies are funny creatures like big colored mushrooms. But you should not be fooled by their funny appearance. Senia’s friends, Hugo, Briella and Sophie, are each with their own unique abilities and will help you along the way. Eternal Senia – Hydrangea After The Rain has been very attractive in terms of graphics and design. The design style of the game is modeled on Japanese anime and magnets, and all of these designs are cartoon and handmade. The gameplay is smooth, soft and very fun. Playing the game is very simple, but sometimes it is also challenging. The game is from the front view and in the form of classic titles of the 90s. This is a free and lovely game right now with a modded version of the serversUsroid is ready to receive. It is interesting to know that Eternal Senia – Hydrangea After The Rain has reached 500,000 downloads on Google Play in less than a month and has received a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 .

Changes in version v1.200825:

* Added pre-section to story section
* Added Unlimited Corridor and Nos’ Temple stages
* Added new items in the store section
* Added new God of Magic – Nos, Book Mushroom, Small Bat, Baby mobile cards Wolf