Ethical Hacking & Quiz: Beginner to Advance 2020 v1.0.5 – White hat hacking training application for Android
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Hackers are divided into two categories, white hats and black hats, each of which has specific tasks. Ethical hackers, or more simply white hat hackers, can be considered the best security professionals. White hat hackers, like black hat hackers, find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in various systems. Although both of them try to infiltrate security systems, white hat hackers do it quite legally and then They find any defects in the system and fix it quickly. The role of white hat hackers is to act as penetration testers but have more tasks. So the main difference between white hat and black hat hackers is that they are legal. Maybe someone among you wants to get acquainted with hacking and its different methods, but does not know where and how to start.Ethical Hacking & Quiz: Beginner to Advance 2020 is a legal hacking learning application developed by Innovatives and published on Google Play. This software is a suitable solution for those who are more interested in the basics of hacking. The above app helps you to easily get comprehensive explanations about white hat hackers and then start learning. In this program, a section is dedicated to hacking news around the world, which you can follow to get the latest news in this field. The tutorials in this smart app are divided into three different sections, each of which teaches specific concepts of hacking. At the end of the training, tests are taken that measure the level of your ability to learn. If you are also interested in the concepts of hacking, do not miss this software and stay with us.

Some features and capabilities of Ethical Hacking & Quiz: Beginner to Advance 2020 Android app:

  • Familiarity with white hat hackers and their differences with black hat hackers
  • Dedicated section for receiving hacking news worldwide
  • Categorize educational materials into three different groups
  • Various tests to gauge your abilities
  • Basic network training, Kali Linux and pre-connection attack
  • Discover subdomains by Sublist3r
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • SQL injection

App Ethical Hacking & Quiz: Beginner to Advance 2020 to take advantage of the features and functionality of its various managed at a price of $ 1.49 Self- rating: 4.4 of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version bought it Download from any major Usroid website without any restrictions .


Ethical Hacking & QuizBeginner to Advance 2020