European War 7: Medieval v1.9.4 + Mod – “European War 7: Medieval” strategy game for Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite coins and medals) separately
Tested with offline execution

European War 7: Medieval – European War 7: Medieval is the seventh game of the popular European War game series from the Hong Kong studio EasyTech, which has been developed and released for Android devices following the impressive success of the previous parts. If you are familiar with this franchise, you must know that the Battle of Europe series is about historical wars in different time periods centered in Europe. This time, at the request of your loved ones, Farseroid has decided to review and publish another game of this series and has prepared its latest version for you friends. We have also prepared a separate modded version so that loved ones who want to experience the game in a modded form can also enjoy this beautiful game. The European War game series has become a popular collection due to its attractive features and elements. The seventh part of this series, published under the title European War 7: Medieval, takes you to the world of fierce battles of the Middle Ages. The general process of the game is very similar to the previous parts, but different unique features and characteristics can be seen in this game. In the future, stay with Farseroid to introduce you to the whole of this game.

European War 7: Medieval

European War 7: MedievalIt is a completely strategic and managerial game that in order to succeed in it, you must have good strategic power and be familiar with the style and context of this type of games. The general process of the game is followed in the form of turn-based strategy battles. When you start the game, you have a part of the map that is part of a territory. Your enemies are near your borders and intend to invade and defeat your army. You can defend against these attacks according to your different strategies and tactics, and at the same time defeat them by attacking the enemy forces in a timely manner and occupy more parts of the map. In European War 7: Medieval, you will have access to famous war generals such as Salahuddin or Richard I. By recruiting these generals, you can advance the war process in your favor. There are different tribes and tribes such as Arabs, Vikings, British, Berbers, Romans and… in this game, each of which has special features. According to the game developer, there are more than 150 different countries and forces in European War 7: Medieval. The game will also run in 14 sections and 120 stages. This game with its attractive and voluminous content can entertain you for a long time. To get more acquainted with the European War 7: Medieval game, you can first see the trailer video of its introduction or its screenshot images, and then from the download boxUsroid Download the latest version of this game for free.