Evan’s Remains v1.2.32 + Mod – Puzzle game and platformer “Ivan Remnants” for Android
a puzzle title – a lovely adventure
tested with offline execution

Evan’s Remains – Evan’s Remains is an interesting and very lovable game from the American studio Whitethorn Games, which was released in June 2020 completely free for various eighth generation platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. For a while, the mobile version was also developed for Android and iOS operating systems. While the original version of the game was priced at more than $ 8 for eighth-generation consoles and home PCs, Whitethorn Games Studios decided to release it for free on mobile. Proudly, the first Iranian websiteWe are on the web level that has reviewed and introduced the Android version of the game for you dear ones and has presented it in a tested form. Evan’s Remains is a well-made and beautiful game that with its pixel and retro designs can win the hearts of everyone, especially the players of previous decades! This lovely and nostalgic graphics along with a smooth and dynamic gameplay with the possibility of running at 60 frames per second will delight you.


Evan's Remains


Evan’s RemainsIt is an attractive package because everything in its design, including graphic style, gameplay and even its story and adventure process, is very professional and fascinating. In this game, the creator of which uses mystery-thriller puzzle adventure to describe its original style, you play the role of a young girl to find her missing, a boy named Evan, on a mysterious and mysterious adventure. You will be in an unexpected situation by traveling to a strange island, and to advance in the game and find more evidence about your lost, you will have to solve challenging puzzles and go through stages full of threats and traps. Evan’s Remains game designs in the gameplay section are completely two-dimensional and very similar to platformer games. During the game, you have to jump from different platforms to follow the steps of the game and solve the puzzles and logical puzzles of the game. So prepare yourself for an exciting adventure, because Evan’s Remains, despite its simple and cartoonish appearance, offers professional and challenging content. To get more familiar with this game, we recommend that you first watch the game trailer video to get acquainted with the style, trend, graphics and gameplay of the game. You can download the box later if you wishUsroid Download this game for free and entertain yourself.