[Everdo: to-do list and GTD® app v1.6-3 [Pro – powerful and complete Android task list app
Professional and full version of the app worth $ 1.99 Dedicated to you dear ones

As we have mentioned many times, having a detailed plan for life helps you to achieve all your desires in a much shorter time; In this regard, various apps have been created, each of which, according to its capabilities, helps us to give a special order to our daily activities. Everdo: to-do list and GTD® app ProIs the title of a powerful and private Android application that has been published by Intellation Ltd. The above program helps us to create a completely personal checklist of all our activities during a day, month or year and be able to closely monitor them. After completing each of the tasks in the checklist, check it to see at other times to receive double energy to achieve your desires. One of the most important features of this startup is adding the above details to each of the created tasks, which helps you to perform all your activities with great accuracy.

Some features and capabilities of the Everdo: to-do list and GTD® Android app:

  • Create a private to-do list in a very short time
  • Mark tasks after completing each one
  • Categorize all tasks created in different sets
  • Ability to add many details such as date, energy level, tags and… to each task
  • Quick and easy access to tasks created in the app
  • Powerful search system based on selected tags

Application Everdo: to-do list and GTD® app with special features and a variety of Czech create specific lists by their developer network for free along with the payment of $ 1.99 has been released, as is always the newest version Get it professional and complete from Usroid direct links .


Everdo: to-do list and GTD® app Pro