Evo Pop v2.12 + Mod – Interesting arcade strategic game “Evo Pop” for Android devices
Regular version + Mod version (free purchase + unlocking all sections and levels)
Tested with offline execution

Evo Pop – ایوو پاپ is an interesting, minimalist, and very entertaining game from the tasteful and creative studio ZeptoLab, the creator of the popular game series Cut the Rope and other popular games such as CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, King of Thieves, Om Nom: Run, and Robotics. The Usroid website has made Evo Pop available for download alongside a modified version of the game, so that you can easily download and run the latest version of this beautiful game on your Android device with just one click. If you’re familiar with ZeptoLab’s famous games, you’ll quickly notice the design language of Evo Pop. The overall design style of the game is very similar to other titles from this British game development studio, and its appearance will be very familiar to those who have experienced the company’s previous games. If you pay attention to the company’s main games, you’ll notice a fundamental and common point, which is the use of realistic physics laws in game design. Evo Pop also has exactly the same issue, and it must be said that the main foundation of this game has been designed based on the principles of physics, and to succeed in it, you must use logic and the laws of physics. This sentence may make the game seem a bit strange and difficult, but in fact, Evo Pop has a simple and minimalist structure that has been used to create the best possible realistic gameplay in the simplest way.


Evo Pop


In the game Evo Pop, you play as creatures called Evos, who are known by this name due to their structural characteristics. Evos resemble single-celled organisms but are larger in size. One of the most important abilities of these creatures is their ability to reproduce rapidly and grow quickly. These creatures live in their own special colonies and are always engaged in conflicts with other Evos. Each of these creatures is a type of Evo and has its own unique colors, and in fact, each color has a colony. You play as the blue-colored species of these creatures, and your main task is to fight against rivals and destroy enemies to expand your colony. To win these battles, you must use strategy. At the beginning of each stage of the Evo Pop game, you start with a small number of small Evos. You must try to reproduce your forces by merging and feeding them and increasing their size so that they can have more power against enemies. After your forces have reproduced and grown enough, you can destroy smaller enemies by throwing and tossing them with the help of physics principles, and eliminate your rivals one by one. In some stages of the game, battles take on a larger scale, and your rivals will be more numerous and have new colonies and colors. In this case, you must focus on eliminating two different types of enemies. By upgrading your forces and using special items, you can advance the game in your favor. Evo Pop is truly an attractive game with simple yet enjoyable designs that can attract anyone with any taste. Usroid invites you to download the latest version of this game in both regular and mod versions from the download center.