eWeather HDF – weather app is one of the most powerful and best weather apps for Android devices, offered by Elecont software in Google Play. So far, we have introduced dozens of different weather apps to you, all of which were among the best and most powerful. Today, after a long time, we intend to introduce one of the most popular and newest programs for displaying the weather conditions of different regions of the world, called eWeather HDF – weather app, which has been purchased hundreds of thousands of times from the Android market so far, and despite being paid and not free, it has been very well received. This software has been introduced as the first program with various radar widgets, weather maps, and earthquake display widgets for Android, and by having it, you can easily be informed of all the events that happen in nature, from rain to earthquakes! If you want to have one of the most feature-rich weather apps on your mobile, predict the weather conditions of your desired areas for the next few days, predict possible earthquakes and storms, and place various widgets on the home screen of your mobile to find out about the weather of your desired areas, we recommend the practical and popular eWeather HDF – weather app to you!

Some of the features and capabilities of eWeather HDF – weather app for Android:

  • Having 20 different widgets for weather, time, moon phase, etc. in various sizes to place on the home screen
  • Including more than 130,000 different regions from various countries around the world
  • Getting weather information from two very powerful sources, Foreca and US weather
  • Having an incredibly beautiful widget specifically for the phone lock screen (Android 4.2)
  • Predicting the weather conditions of different regions of the world up to 10 days in advance!
  • Placing informative indicators such as temperature, moon phase, earthquake, etc. in the status bar
  • Displaying earthquakes that have occurred in different parts of the world up to a hundred years ago on Google maps
  • Including other functions such as a powerful barometer, pressure prediction chart, world clock, etc.
  • Using very little of your internet usage volume; updating cities with only 10 kilobytes of consumption
  • Providing various information such as the probability of precipitation, amount of precipitation, sunrise and sunset, etc.
  • Sending weather predictions, various weather and earthquake alerts via email
  • Full support for all Android tablets and smartphones without exception!

The amazing weather app eWeather HDF is now available for free on the Android market with an in-app payment of $3.99 and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. We at Usroid provide you with the latest version of it for free and you can download it with just one click from our high-speed servers. Follow us to see some screenshots of the app environment …


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