Express Thru – One line puzzle v1.0.7 + Mod – Challenging brainstorm Android Express + Trailer
Normal version + Mod version (unlimited tips) individually
tested with completely offline execution

Express Thru – One line puzzle – Express Thru is the title of a very attractive and extremely beautiful puzzle game in the style of puzzle and riddle games, the steps and puzzles of which will be a unique challenge for you! The game was developed completely free of charge by South Korea’s 5minLab studio and is available to the public on Google Play. We have decided to introduce this fun and puzzle game to you, dear friends, as the first Iranian website . 5minLab game company is famous for offering several unique and minimalist games in this genre. For example Brickscape gameOne of these well-made and popular games from this studio, which we had previously published in Usroid, and this time we intend to prepare another game of this studio for you. Express Thru – One line puzzle is a puzzle title and its steps can be skipped by doing interesting puzzles. In this game, which also uses a short story line, you are in the role of a robot that has to solve puzzles by finding resources and bringing them to the desired points. The story of the game is futuristic. Where humans have found a way to use the resources of other planets, and that is to discover, store and send resources with the help of robots. Now you, in the role of one of these robots on a planet far from Earth, have to collect the specified resources in each stage and bring them to the specified points through the sending tank. The style of play is really intellectual and puzzle. Your robot is at a starting point on the map. The required resources are located in different parts of the map and you have to move the robot towards the resources linearly and by drawing a complete path, so that first it is not necessary to cross the repetitive path (houses) again and at the same time, the path continues. To unload the load at the specified points and finally take the final route to go to the end point. You can not draw this path many times and you have to determine the direction of the robot continuously from the starting point without removing your hand from the screen.


Express Thru - One line puzzle


Apart from these, there are many other obstacles and challenges in your way. Games Express Thru – One line puzzleIn 5 main sections, or better to say, 5 different worlds are followed. Each section has 32 main stages and 16 separate challenging stages. All steps are opened only by passing the previous step, and in order to reach the other sections, you must complete a section and pass all the steps. Express Path game has a guidance system that can be used during the game. But to use these tips, you must earn points. Each time you use a guide, one of them decreases. So just try to use them in stages where you did not find any way. Of course, the game developers have also designed an option called Skip for each stage, which if players can not solve the puzzles of one stage within a certain period of time, they can go to the next stage with this option. This fascinating and challenging game can surely challenge you severely and test your logic and concentration well. With more than 1000 downloads on Google Play, Express Thru – One line puzzle has succeededGet a very good score of 4.7 out of 5.0 . Usroid is proud that for the first time in Iran, it has prepared a regular and modded version (unlimited hints) of this game for you, lovers of puzzle games, and has published it in a tested form. If you want to engage your mind with logical and interesting puzzles, Express Thru – One line puzzle game is here to help you with this.

Changes in version v1.0.7:

* Added the ability to skip steps