EXTREME-DRIFIT v1.0 + Mod – Exciting Infinite Drift Racing Game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (with infinite money) available separately
Tested for offline play

EXTREME-DRIFIT is the name of a racing game in the drift genre, which has been released by the game development studio HAPPIE for Android mobile devices. EXTREME-DRIFIT is a car driving game in the drift style that has provided a unique and entertaining experience for fans of car games by offering an exciting gameplay. Car games have always been popular among gamers and have many fans. Some of the big car games like Need for Speed and Asphalt have been with gamers for years, and we are almost every year witnessing the presence of a new game from these popular collections on various gaming platforms. But alongside these games, other games have also been able to make themselves known and find many fans. EXTREME-DRIFIT is one of these games. This Android game does not offer many features in terms of gameplay and is a concise game. The main focus of the gameplay in this game is on drifting, and we are not seeing other modes in this game. In EXTREME-DRIFIT, you take control of your car and try to get the best score by drifting on different roads. The more successful you are and the faster you get the best score, the more rewards you can get and use them to buy different upgrades and other cars.




In the game EXTREME-DRIFIT, upgrades can take the form of speed, brakes, nitro, and many other things that you will become familiar with throughout the game. The cars are also very diverse and include classic and old cars in addition to modern and new ones. The game physics are very realistic, and almost all aspects of car behavior have been well simulated, and the drifts are satisfying. Fortunately, the controls are also very good, and you can easily control your car by using the virtual buttons designed at the bottom of your device’s screen. The graphics and sound effects of this game are also excellent, and we can certainly consider a good score for the developers’ performance in these areas. All in all, if you are a fan of car racing games, you will definitely enjoy this game, and if you want to try a different and unique game, without a doubt, EXTREME-DRIFIT can be what you are looking for. The team at Usroid intends to provide this exciting game to you, dear ones, as a tested and completely free game. You can now download this game via the direct links provided at the end of the article and enjoy playing it!

Note: In the mod version of the game, click on BANK in the top right corner and receive infinite money by going to the store. Repeat this process to earn more money.