Eye Care – Blue Light Filter Pro v1.0 – A practical and excellent application for reducing eye fatigue Android
version purchased for $ 1.49 – Introduced for the first time in Iran

One of the biggest problems that different people face when using smart devices is eye fatigue; This fatigue, which is caused by blue light emitted from the screen (light spectrum 380 to 550 nm), in addition to damaging the optic nerves and its weakness at night, will also cause sleep disturbances. There are various ways to solve this problem, apart from the anti-radiation glasses, blue light filter programs are one of the best and simplest solutions available. Eye Care – Blue Light Filter Pro Paid is the title of a unique program in the field of blue light filtering and reducing eye fatigue while viewing the screen of Android devices.Developed and published by Incredible Apps Inc. One of the most important features in this application is the ability to adjust the filter to your liking, so that if your eyes are bothered in the full filter, you just need to adjust it according to your vision and eyes. In addition, and apart from the importance of this software for the eyes, the filter and limitation of blue light causes the device’s battery to be consumed less and its life to be significantly increased.

Some features and capabilities of Eye Care – Blue Light Filter Pro Android app:

  • Reduce the amount of water on the screen to prevent sleep disturbances and poor eyesight
  • Ability to adjust the intensity of the blue light filter to your liking
  • Significant battery savings when using filters
  • Adjust the screen light based on the filter on the led screen
  • Smart system starts automatically when the Android device is turned on

Application Eye Care – Blue Light Filter Pro as one of the most feature-rich blue light filtering programs available on Google Play at a price of $ 1.49 in the Android Market has been released. It is interesting to know that this software has not been actively purchased – download so far, and by receiving it, Usroid site will undoubtedly be one of its first users in Iran and the world.

Changes in version v1.0:

* Release of the first version of the program on Google Play and release for the first time in Iran by Usroid.