Farm Blade + Mod – a fun and lovely hobby game of Das Keshavarz for Android
Normal version + mod version (high speed without seeing ads) separately
Tested with offline performance

Farm Blade is the name of a game in the entertainment genre that has been published by ABI Global LTD game development studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. ABI Global LTD game development studio is one of the good game development studios in Android Market, which has already had the experience of making great games such as Scary Neighbor and Turbo Bike: Extreme Racing in its game development portfolio. Farm Blade is another great game from this Carbold game development studio that has been able to bring a unique and unique experience for gamers and has been unparalleled with more than 1,000,000 active installations in the Android Market. In this game, which has a very simple and straightforward gameplay, you are in the role of a farmer whose income is provided by working on agricultural lands and harvesting crops. Your only tool is an agricultural scythe with which you have to go to the farmland and harvest so that you can later sell the harvested products and get paid for it. So, if you are looking for a good game with an agricultural theme, Farm Blade could be a good choice for you!


Farm Blade


Farm Blade is a fun hobby to fill your free time. As we mentioned before, the gameplay is very simple and straightforward, and in a few minutes you can learn how to play and start playing. Your challenge in the game is to upgrade your farm scythe. There are various crops on agricultural land for harvesting. These products are very diverse and include cabbage, wheat, sunflower, corn, and. You should try to upgrade your scythe constantly so that you can speed up the harvest of your crops. You will also need to upgrade other tools such as your backpack to be able to put more products in the bag in one harvest. In addition to great gameplay, Farm Blade also has an admirable graphic space and art design, and has used acceptable sounds that will definitely multiply the charm of this game. Farm Blade has managed to get a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 among the votes of gamers in the Android Market, and the Usroid team intends to provide the original and modded versions without any restrictions in a tested and completely free way to you dear ones. You can now download this game through the direct links at the bottom of the article and enjoy it!