Farsi Keyboard v800.4 – Persian keyboard application for Android
The original and complete version of the program dedicated to you dear ones

Farsi Keyboard is a simple and practical Persian keyboard for Android operating system, which was developed by Khosrov Boloorian and published on Google Play. Many users of Android smartphones typically prefer to use the default keyboard. Meanwhile, manufacturers of Android phones are trying to offer their own apps to provide a better experience, including keyboards. Although these virtual keyboards will meet many of your needs in the long run, it is good to know that these keyboards are not limited to this number and are not exclusive to companies that make smart devices. For this reason, different developers make and offer separate keyboards. Some of these keyboards are so attractive that the user never goes to the default gadget. However, if you look at Google Play, you will have access to a set of Android keyboards; But the point to be noted is the lack of support for many of them, from the Persian language! No doubt it has happened to you that after you pay attention to the capabilities of a keyboard, you get it and then you realize that it only supports a limited number of languages. For this reason, like other programs, we want to introduce you to a flawless title in this post. Farsi Keyboard program Persian keyboard is one of the most popular keyboards that Iranian users are fascinated by its simple and at the same time functional features after only a few minutes of using it. Like many similar programs available, everything you need in this startup is provided to you. In any case, if you also have trouble finding a Persian language keyboard, then join us in this post.

Farsi Keyboard Dedicated keyboard for Persian languages

According to the initial description, if you look at many of the keyboards in Google Play, you will notice that Persian is not their basic basis. Most of these keyboards only support English and a number of other languages, which is not pleasant for Persian speakers. Fortunately, the developers of the Farsi Keyboard program, knowing this, have tried to solve our problem in this regard. The above program not only supports Persian language but also supports the most popular languages ​​such as Arabic, English and و and provides conditions that we do not need other peripherals.

Diverse emojis

Many people today use emojis in their messages; Although messengers try to provide different emojis to their users, it is sometimes seen that some of them have limitations in this regard. One of the best solutions is to use the default keyboard emojis. The developer of Farsi Keyboard program provides a set of emojis that you can easily use and all messengers are able to display these emoticons to avoid any restrictions.

Options for personalizing the keyboard

Smartphone users are always interested in changing the UI to suit their needs. It does not matter what program you use, because users like the environment of the startups they use to be specific. We have access to a set of themes in Farsi Keyboard that we do not face any restrictions to activate and use them, all you have to do is select your favorite theme and then touch one of its options. Enable.

Some features and capabilities of Farsi Keyboard Android application:

  • Fantastic and all Persian keyboard without any problems in typing letters
  • Access to a variety of emojis
  • Ability to take advantage of special options for typing mathematical formulas
  • Guess the words or correct spelling mistakes
  • Support for other languages ​​along with Persian
  • A set of themes to customize the app
  • Very small size compared to similar keyboards

Farsi Keyboard application with various features and capabilities by its developer has been published for free on Google Play and has received a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by users. Dear ones, you can now download the latest version of this unique app without any restrictions from Usroid website.


Farsi Keyboard