Fast like a Fox v1.4.6 + Mod – Arcade and record-breaking game “Fast like a fox” for Android +
regular version trailer + mod version (unlocked) tested separately
with offline run

Fast like a Fox – Fast like a fox is the name of one of the most popular arcade and action games in recent years, produced by the Finnish company WayBefore Ltd and published completely free on Google Play. This game is the only official project of this game company that was developed in 2015 and is still one of the most popular simple and arcade games in its genre. In the very first year of its release, the game was nominated for an award in two categories: creative games and games independent of Google Play, and was included in the list of the best games of this genre. That is why we have decided to prepare this fascinating game for you dear friends and provide you with the regular and modded version for free. Fast like a Fox is a fun game with a simple idea, which of course has hundreds of similar examples in appearance. But the style and context of how to play this gameHe has an interesting creativity. In this game, your speed of action is the main criterion. You are in the role of a fox who has been commissioned by the Golden Fox tribe to take back the stolen assets and treasures of this tribe from the enemies and return them to their original place. So you have to travel to different parts of different lands on an adventurous journey and collect valuable resources such as coins, emeralds and diamonds stolen from you by your enemies along the way. You have to run along different paths along the way and jump through valleys and obstacles and collect these items! The game’s graphics and designs are the first thing you come up with.


Fast like a Fox


در Fast like a FoxDesigns and modeling are done in the form of paper and beautiful origami designs! But other than that, it’s the challenging and different gameplay that sets it apart. In this gameplay, you have to take control of the game in two different ways (of your choice). In the first case, by tapping on the back of the device, you can increase the speed of the fox to run and jump by touching the screen. In the second type, you can divide the page into two parts and run to the right by tapping and jump to the left by tapping. But the blows you have to hit to run must be continuous and as fast as possible. If you stop these blows for a moment, the fox will run faster and you will earn less points as a result. So you have to focus on running fast and jumping on this fox at the same time. As mentioned, there are important resources and items such as coins and diamonds during the game. You need to collect as many of these items as you can to earn points to go to the next level. The same items along with the game’s challenging gameplay have made Fast like a Fox a competitive game for better records. If you want to fill your free time with interesting challenges with an interesting and fun game, you can do the same Now the latest update of this game in normal or modDownload Usroid . It is worth mentioning that Fast like a Fox has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play and its score is 4.6 out of 5.0 .

Changes in version v1.4.6:

* Remove ads!
* Full support for 64-bit devices
* Full support for Android TV