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Father and Son – Father and Son is undoubtedly an amazing work of art in the form of a fun game in the adventure and educational genre, created by the Italian studio TuoMuseo, which has previously played other interesting games such as The Medici Game. Murder Mystery at Pitti PalaceIt was also made and offered for free. Considering the works released by TuoMuseo Studio, it should be said that this developer has a special style in producing and publishing games, and there are many similar points in the products of this developer. The most interesting thing that can be seen in these games is the different display of people’s daily lives, which is narrated very effectively. Father and Son are just like these games, and their compelling storyline can be very appealing to fans of adventure games. In Father and Son, a story is told in the modern world, many parts of which are tied to the past, and therefore, during the game, your father and son will travel through time. The awesome combination of past and present in Father and Son is well felt, and the game’s compelling story will soon get you involved in its adventures and events. In this game, you play the role of a young boy named Michael who never had a chance to see his father because his father left him when Michael was a baby. But years later, things happen that make Michael take a chance on finding his own nature and past.


Father and Son


The story of Father and Son takes place in the modern world in Naples, Italy. Michael lives there and realizes that his father is an employee of the National Archaeological Museum of Italy, located in this city. He has collected many letters he has received from his father over the years and reads them at the beginning of the game to give the player enough information. Michael then tries to get more information from the past by going to the museum and finding different clues and talking to different characters. At the same time, he obtains ancient information, and you have to travel through time as a storyteller and experience the various scenes of the game that have been best reconstructed. Father and Son has a simple but very lovable style and in its designs of famous games such as Silent AgeThe idea has been picked up. The style of play is Point and Click. The game is followed interactively, and you have to tap the items to direct the main character of the game to that side. You can also move around with the help of two virtual buttons on the right and left. The game has a lot of interactive items, relatively easy puzzles and conversations with the ability to choose options (which may affect the storyline) and therefore it should be said that Father and Son is an evolved and attractive game in this genre. it counts. Usroid with the full version without advertising the game for the first time on the web, your loved ones and lovers of adventure games are invited to download a work of art is lovely and well-made. The game had 1 million downloads on Google Play and managed to score 4.5 out of 5.0 .