FAVO ICON PACK v1.1.5 – Favo Android’s beautiful and gradient icon pack application
Purchased and complete version of the app for $1.49

FAVO ICON PACK is the title of the beautiful FAVO gradient icon pack developed by FLATEDGE and published on Google Play. According to surveys, Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. And also mentioned user interface personalization. The features that Android provides to its users for personalizing the interface are rarely seen in other operating systems. The tool with which you can customize the screen of Android phones to your liking is divided into several different categories, each of which affects a part of the screen in some way. One of the most popular of these apps is the icon packs. As the name implies, this category of software; Icon packs are a set of icons that allow you to change icons and maximize user interface customization. At Usroid website, we have tried to provide the best of these wonderful packages to you dear ones. However, in this post, we want to introduce you to another title. The FAVO ICON PACK is undoubtedly one of the apps that multiplies the beauty of your smartphone UI. In this package, the developer has designed square symbols with curved corners, which in turn are very beautiful and attractive. However, this icon pack has certain features that we will discuss in the following.

FAVO ICON PACK A package with a special and attractive design

As we mentioned in the above description, one of the main features of the FAVO ICON PACK icon pack is the special design of its symbols. On the other hand, none of the symbols in this package have been designed using artificial intelligence and the developer has tried to use the best color palettes. The rounded corners of these icons give a special look to the interface of smartphones and are arranged and designed to fit many wallpapers. However, in addition to the icons, you have access to several wallpapers based on cloud servers, the use of which is not restricted and created by the manufacturer.

Very high variety of icons

We are currently writing this post and have released the initial version of the software; More than 1480 different icons in the database are available to users. The variety of these symbols is very high and various apps and games are supported. In addition, the development team mentions that the database is constantly updated at short intervals and new icons are constantly released. If you could not find your favorite icon while using this icon pack, all you have to do is send a request to the development team through the software menu so that the icon you want will be available to you dear ones in the next updates.

Support for popular launchers

One of the requirements for using icon packs is the support of launchers for these packages. Unfortunately, it has been seen many times that many icon packs, despite having a high variety in their symbols, only support certain launchers. Launchers that sometimes cost several dollars and are difficult for many of us to obtain. However, the FAVO ICON PACK startup supports a wide range of users with support for popular launchers. We suggest that you use Nova Launcher to get the most out of this icon pack.

Some features and capabilities of FAVO ICON PACK Android application:

  • Access to a collection of beautiful icons with special designs
  • More than 1480 different symbols and designed with attractive color palettes
  • Option to send a request to create your favorite icon
  • Support for the most popular Android launchers
  • Access to multiple dedicated wallpapers based on cloud servers
  • Constant updates to access new icons
  • Support for various Android applications and games
  • View preview before selecting icons

The FAVO ICON PACK application has been released on Google Play by its developer for $1.49, taking advantage of its special features and capabilities. Note that this program has not been sold yet and by receiving it from Usroid website, you will undoubtedly be one of the first users in Iran and the world.