Fear Of Traffic 1.2 – Fear Of Traffic Arcade game for Android ‌ + Trailer of
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Fear Of Traffic is a beautiful and entertaining game in the style of arcade games from Flavio Rausa gaming studio for Android devices, which is offered for money on Google Play, and at the request of dear users, its latest version, as always, for the first time in Iran.And published for free on our site. In Fear Of Traffic, you really have to be afraid of traffic because it is enough to have a very small collision with a car to burn, as we say! The gameplay is very simple and smooth, and all you have to do in Fear Of Traffic is to drive as much as the game instructs you and assigns a task to you, without accident. Be! Accident means not colliding with other cars, colliding with other objects such as cartoons on the way will not cause you to lose. Of course, in the middle of the road, you can take possession of the hidden items that exist, you just have to be careful to be able to get them. The music of the game is also beautiful and is well designed according to its volume and capacity. The game menu is very simple and the game interface is good.


Fear Of Traffic


Also tips in the game Fear Of TrafficIncluded to show you what to do in Fear Of Traffic. The weird and interesting thing about the game is that the game is paid and costs about $ 4! To our money (at the moment the author writes this review, the dollar is worth about 12 thousand tomans and it is not clear what the price of the dollar will be when you read this review!) Something about 50 thousand tomans! This is if the game is almost not worth paying such a fee! Because it is not going to offer anything special or new! Of course, the taste of the players is also important and maybe from the point of view of the author of this game, it is not worth spending and maybe others have a different opinion! It should also be noted that the game is on our site for free, so do not worry and download the game and enjoy it! Fear Of Traffic game was recently released for the Android platform and for this reason it did not receive any points and naturally did not sell much, but it is predicted to be relatively successful due to its almost good quality, so do not hesitate to download it! MotherUsroid We have provided the latest and newest purchased and complete version of this game for free and with a direct link, which you can download with just one click.

Changes in version v1.2:

* Added checkpoints, animals and more.