Feudalia – Feudalia Lands is a fun and engaging card game genre game developed by Indy Abba Games for $ 2.99Released for Android devices. Feudalia, the digital version of a board card game of the same name, has been successful so far and has attracted the attention of many gamers. If you are also a fan and fan of card games, we suggest you do not miss Feudalia! Undoubtedly, many familiar name games have been published in the style of card games these days, but what distinguishes this game from other games is its story. Feudalia refers to events that took place in the medieval period, where after the end of the great and long wars the king decided to divide the lands of the kingdom into feudalism and to grow and develop them to the lord. Assign worthy. Suitable lords for this purpose must hire workers and artisans and craftsmen… to restore glory and splendor to the lands of the kingdom. In terms of gameplay, Feudalia is a deck building and its mechanism is almost what we expect. In this game, you play the role of a worthy lord who must take control of your lands using resource management and strategic skills.




In the game FeudaliaAt first, you are in control of 3 lands along with all the buildings, assets, resources, and farms that live in them, and then you can increase this number by growing and developing the current lands and occupying other lands. Give. But you have to remember that the king is also looking for his share and the taxman is constantly visiting your lands. With this explanation, you may think you are dealing with a complex card game, but this is not the case at all. You can enter the training stages and learn all the functions of the game and become fully acquainted with the rules. In general, the main goal is to reach a certain point, and to achieve this point you can use the cards you receive. It is worth mentioning that this game has two modes, campaign and stage, and in more than 90 to 120 minutes, it can provide a unique experience for gamers at all levels. Visually, the game’s graphic space is very beautiful and eye-catching, and the game’s art design has a good structure, which makes the sense of traditional card games and modern digital games combine well with each other. The controls are very simple and all the operations of the game are easily done by tapping and sliding on the screen of your device. TeamUsroid intends to provide the final and purchased version of Feudalia in a tested and completely free form to you dear ones. At the end of this article, you can see screenshots of the gameplay to get more acquainted with this game and download it from our servers if you wish. Hope you enjoy this game!

Changes in version v0.84b:

* Release the first version of the game on Google Play.