FFVII The First Soldier v1.0.19 – A very beautiful and exciting action-role-playing game “Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier” for Android
Online and Battle Royale version of Final Fantasy 7 released for free
Tested by running online

FFVII The First Soldier or FINAL FANTASY VII The First Soldier is the name of a spin-off from the seventh installment of the FINAL FANTASY game series, developed in 2021 by the Japanese company SQUARE ENIX and unlike most other games The Final Fantasy series, which was offered in monetary form and at high prices, has been released for free for various platforms, including the Android operating system. Usroid has prepared and prepared this game for the first time among all Android sites in Iran at the same time with the release of the latest final version of this game and after the necessary checks. SQUARE ENIX studio has released it as FFVII The First Soldier to make the name of this game shorter and simpler. This game takes place in the world of the seventh part, namely FINAL FANTASY VII , but its style and context are different from other games in this series. While other FINAL FANTASY games and episodes were released at high prices and in the form of offline games, FFVII The First Soldier is offered as a completely online game and at the same time in disbelief for free! This game is made based on the best Battle Royale style games, and you can experience an attractive and voluminous Battle Royale game that is combined with the elements and features of the Final Fantasy game series, and have a lot of fun. In the following, with an overview of the features of this game, we will examine it further.


FFVII The First Soldier


FFVII The First Soldier game can be considered as one of the most attractive and remarkable recent steps of FINAL FANTASY company, because this game company has followed the relatively repetitive process of making and releasing new parts of this franchise for nearly two decades and a Changing this shape can attract the attention of many gamers. Exemplary graphics and detailed Final Fantasy games have always been among their top features, and few mobile games like these have such graphic details. On the other hand, the FF game series has become a model for many video games by introducing fantasy style and context in the world of action and role-playing games. Now all these attractive features are available to you this time in a different and multiplayer game to get a new experience with the same design language and the same structure of Final Fantasy games. In FFVII The First Soldier, which is designed in the style of third-person gameplay, you can fight in dozens of fantasy and challenging battles with tens and hundreds of other players. The game’s evolved system for upgrading characters and equipment has made this title one of the most professional Battle Royale games. If you are a fan of the FINAL FANTASY game series and you enjoy the exciting Battle Royale competitions, Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier will be the best choice for you. Before downloading the game, please first read the following points carefully and then download the game from the Usroid download box.


Additional notes:

  1. FFVII The First Soldier is completely online and can not be played offline.
  2. Currently, game servers are also available for Iranian users, but if you do not succeed in connecting to the servers, first change your IP.
  3. Except for the data provided with the game, the additional data, which has a volume of nearly 800 MB, will be received from within the game in the first run.
  4. There are no mods or hacks for this game.


Specifications required to run:

  • 64-bit CPU (arm64 = ​​ARM64 = AARCH64)
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 4 GB of free space on internal memory
  • Android 7.1
  • OpenGL 3.1 support

Tip 1: Even if your device has the above specifications, it is still possible that the game will not run on your device due to other incompatibilities.

Tip 2: Download and install the CPU-Z app to learn about your device hardware specifications