File Cleaner (Scheduler) v2.7 – application for automatic scheduled removal of files Android
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Smart device users receive a variety of files through friends or the web and store them in memory. Sometimes we forget to delete the downloaded files after using them, and this causes the data storage memory to fill up. Stacking these files also makes it harder to find unnecessary options, and you will have to spend more time deleting them. For this reason, it is better to delete unnecessary files or folders before anything else and after meeting our needs. File Cleaner (Scheduler)Is the title of a self-timed file deletion application developed by Argon Dev and published on Google Play. The first and most notable feature of this startup that attracts users’ attention is its support for a variety of files in various formats and folders; In addition to selecting files, you can specify one or more folders to delete at a specified time. There is no limit to the number of files selected and using all smartphone resources, files will be deleted in the shortest possible time. As it is clear from the title of the post, in addition to the delete mode, you can manually specify a specific time to make sure that you will delete a file after using it. If needed, a backup of all information is provided so that you can recover your specific information if needed and at the time of any problem.

Some features and capabilities of Android File Cleaner (Scheduler):

  • Group management of files and folders
  • Fully automatic deletion of various files and various folders
  • Supports a variety of files in various formats
  • Specify a specific time on a specific date to delete files
  • Ability to delete files manually without any delay
  • Very high speed in deleting selected files or folders
  • Back up data with the ability to restore

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File Cleaner - Scheduler