Most Android users download the latest version of programs and games using their computer system due to the low speed of Irancell and Hamrah-e-Aval SIM cards. There are several ways to transfer downloaded files to your smartphone, such as sending via cable or Bluetooth. These methods are annoying in their own way, for example, to send to a phone with a cable, you may not have a phone cable, or in sending with Bluetooth, the speed is very low.

Today we are going to introduce an application called FilePush that allows you to easily transfer different files from your computer to your phone with just two clicks. The above program transfers your files to the phone with the help of Wi-Fi network, so the speed is high and you will enjoy sending the file.

Some features of FilePush Android software:

* Compatible with Windows 7 and 8 and the ability to integrate with Explorer

* Ability to send simultaneously to several different devices

* Ability to transfer files to Google Drive and download directly from the phone

* Ability to categorize files based on different file types

* Ability to open, move and delete files

* No need to join and have a Google account

Note that to use the FilePush program, in addition to installing the software on your phone, you must also install it on your computer. You can download the latest version of FilePush for your Android and PC by reading more.


Download FilePush - file transfer program from PC to Android





Download FilePush Android