FiLMiC Pro v6.13.2 – the best app for Android video
downloads purchased at $ 14.99 for you dear ones

As you know, apart from the quality of the camera of the smart device, the photography and software system also has a great impact on the quality and the final recorded file and can change and improve the conditions significantly! Therefore, as always, we want to introduce you to one of the best video recording software that has been able to win many honors and awards at various festivals. FiLMiC Pro Unlocked is a super-functional and versatile software for recording high quality videos for Android smart devices. It was developed by FiLMiC Inc and is available in the Google Play Store at a very high price of $ 14.99. The advanced interface and advanced features of the film go hand in hand to give you a new experience in capturing memorable moments. Easily adjust the shooting angle as much as possible and use the sliding strips on both sides of the screen to professionally control the lighting and focus. There are three standard, manual and combination shooting modes, each of which you can use according to your needs. The set of features of this app is not included in a short text, and it is better to join us to read more.

Some features and capabilities of the FiLMiC Pro Android app:

  • Standard, manual and hybrid shooting modes
  • Supports two vertical and horizontal screen modes for capturing images
  • Ability to change zoom speed
  • Video recording at 60, 120 and 240 fps
  • Supports high and low speed recording modes
  • Professional settings for recording time lapse videos
  • Has three histogram modes
  • Pre-configured settings with editable capabilities
  • Ability to resize page
  • Image stabilizer!

With its unique set of features, the FiLMiC Pro app has won numerous awards and gained the trust of thousands of different users, and you can now download the latest version from the server, as always. Get high-speed Usroid site and record video by accessing a professional tool.


FiLMiC Pro